Site of Interest #1:

I thought it’d be best to keep this blog a little more active while I’m off working on the backlog of projects that I’ve already set up for myself.  This is a little feature that I thought would help out others who might frequent this blog; a site being showcased a month ought to be well enough, right?

750 Words is a site that I found during the post-NaNoWriMo season of 2010, where I found myself still continuing with my novel even though I crossed the 50,000 word count goal.  It’s less stress-inducing than Write or Die (which I will cover in another post); all you have to do is write 750 words, which the creator of the site states is equal to three pages.


The site’s pretty simple-looking at first glance.  After you sign up (or log in), you’re directed to a page to get your writing done.  Luckily, your words are automatically saved, so you don’t have to worry about losing data.  At the same time, you can copy and paste whatever it is that you have written and paste it to the program that you’re using to write your novel (in my case, it’s yWriter5).


There’s also a monthly challenge that you can sign up for.  If you do choose to sign up, then you must write 750 words every day during that month.  If you fail, then you are placed on a “wall of shame.”  If you’re confident that you can crank out 750 words every day for a full month, do sign up for the challenge!


Aside from that, the site holds your stats, even going so far as to tell you how many words you’ve written collectively.  It also analyzes the tone of your 750 word-session, and notifies you of the words you’ve written the most.


One major thing I can say about 750 Words is that it gives me a mild goal compared to the hustle and bustle of NaNoWriMo, where I had to push out over one thousand words a day.  If you want to keep up your writing routine and are having trouble doing so, don’t pass up this site.


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