Just in time for Halloween! This is the first time I’m uploading some of my writing here for you to read, so enjoy.

“You ever wonder if monsters live among us?”

My gaze snapped from my cup of coffee to my friend of ten years. “Huh?”

“Monsters,” she said with a laugh. “Do you ever think they live among us?”

I looked at her as if she grew three heads. A laugh fell from my lips. “Chelsea, where did this all come from?”

“I was just reading this novel a few weeks ago,” she said, rummaging through her bag. “It’s about these things that take on a human form during the day, and shed their guises during a full moon to feast.”

I quirked a brow. “To feast on what?”


I found myself laughing. I covered my mouth when a few customers looked our way. “Hearts?” I whispered. “Chelsea, that’s a little far-fetched, even for me.”

“That’s why they call it fiction, Lu,” she said, tapping me lightly on the head. She knew I hated whenever a hand was placed on my head, yet she did it anyway. I also hated the pet name she gave me; I always insisted she call me by my full name, Luna.

“Jeez, what have I told you about calling me that?” I said. I took a final sip of my coffee and placed the spoon on the saucer. “You know, I really do hate that name.”

Chelsea waved it off. “Anyway, would you like to borrow my copy of the book? I just finished it.” She rummaged through her oversized tote bag and pulled out the small tome. “Here,” she said with a smile.

I took the book and flipped it over, ignoring the title. Titles always bored me; sometimes authors wrote something good, but the title would never match. So I stopped taking in titles and read the blurbs instead. “Hmm… I’ll check it out,” I said. Chelsea’s face lit up.

“Great!” She finished off her coffee and stood up. “I gotta run; I’ll catch you later, okay?”

Before I could even say ”See you,” she was gone, a blur of chocolate brown and black with a hint of beige. I shook my head; Chelsea was never one to think about others, but somehow our friendship remained intact. I called a waiter for the check, paid for the bill–a measly $25–and walked out.

I pulled my trench coat close to my frame and settled myself deeper into my scarf and oversized sweater. I hated the cold–it always dulled my senses because I’m one of those individuals gifted with the inane ability to get sick easily. A sniffle could easily turn into the flu for me.

Luckily, it never developed into pneumonia.

I braced myself when gusts rushed past me, and continued on towards home.

~ ~ ~

Night fell in its usual fashion–the sun fell behind slate gray clouds and descended in a flourish of fading pink and orange. Deep blue-black became the canvas, the stars and full moon became silver paint. I ran a hand through my short hair and sighed as I peeked from behind the blinds.

I wanted to go for another run.

The book Chelsea gave me rested on the table with a red bookmark sticking out like a tongue. I’d read enough. Ridiculous, I thought. Hardly worth the read. I sighed and stood up to stretch. Now I really wanted to run.

“‘The Moonsingers barely eat during the day, but at night they revert to their basic forms and feast on the hearts of humans.’ What a crock.” Laughter bubbled up in my chest and fell from my lips in small chuckles. It grew in pitch until I heard my stomach rumble from hunger.

“Crap,” I murmured. “I forgot to eat.”

I left the living room and went to the next room, the kitchen. I opened the refrigerator.

I pulled out a large heart and placed it on the cutting board. I don’t eat them raw; it’s savage. And besides, I like adding other ingredients too. As I looked at part of my reflection in the knife I rinsed off, my grey-tipped wolf ears twitched ever so slightly. My eyes, normally dark brown, were a wonderful gold. Behind my short muzzle were pearly white canines, eager to tear into flesh once more.

You’d think they would get something right about my kind.

Oh, that’s right–I’ve lived alongside humans for centuries now, and they have grown none the wiser. I gotta hand it to them, their imagination is just fascinating.


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