Why Science-Fiction and Fantasy?

Why do I write stories centered around the science-fiction and fantasy genres?


The long and short of it is this: Both genres allow me to stretch my imagination. I base a lot of my works around one simple question,”What if?”. Science-fiction is indeed a wondrous genre, and as far back as I can remember, I believe it was Asimov’s “Fantastic Voyage” that first got me hooked. (I honestly need to find a copy of that book, also.) The fantasy genre, on the other hand, has stuck with me for much longer.

There’s something about fantasy that draws me in. Whether it’s the world in which the story takes place, the characters, or even the story, my imagination just soars. I like twisting realities, adding supernatural elements, etc, which, as I’ve said before, allows me to stretch my imagination. Combining fantasy with science-fiction results in near-limitless results.

Will I ever write stories in other genres?

That’s hard to say—after all, my limit is my imagination.


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