On the Horizon: Cosmoflux

Four months really do fly by.

In sixteen days, my second novel, Cosmoflux, will be on sale. This was a novel that I worked on right after Resonance, and even though it isn’t a sequel to my debut, it is a story that I had a lot of fun writing and polishing.

Here is a small summary:

Elias Riley has only one duty—guiding ships to the Vulfardisian land mass and city-state from the safety of his glass orb. He lives a life of solitude, never questioning. But that solitude ends when a ship comes spiraling through the Cosmic Bridge and crashes into his sphere.

The pilot is a battle priestess named Anya Solis, and the whirlwind of trouble that follows her is something Elias is not prepared to handle.

Next up is an excerpt:

So? Who is he?”

His name is Elias.” Anya stood still with her arms crossed.

Leila pointed her staff at Anya. “Is he dangerous?”

No but I will be if you don’t get that piece of wood out of my face!” Anya’s voice bordered on a snarl. Elias tapped her shoulder gently. 

It’s okay,” he said.

No it isn’t!” Anya replied, wheeling around. “These three old farts are calling you dangerous!”

Who in the world are you calling an old fart!?” Yaleen yelled. “We’re only five years older than you, Anya!”

Yet you act as if you’re my fairy godmothers.”

Salina placed a hand on the handle of her weapon. “Anya, calm yourself.”

You’d be wise to do the same.”

Leila sighed. “In any case, you have to come with us.”

Why is that?”

Yaleen snickered. “Ever since your little escape, Lady Fatima charged us with keeping an eye out for you while on patrol.” 

So will you please come back with us now?” asked Leila. 


Right now, the pre-order price of Cosmoflux is $2.99, and will remain that price until April 29th, 2016. After that, the price will be $3.99.

As of today, Cosmoflux is available for pre-order at these stores:

Barnes & Noble


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