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Ebook Cover - Resonance Trilogy part 1


Resonance (Resonance Trilogy, #1 ($3.99))

To Kitra Avanis, the city-state of Favil is a place she calls home. Ranked first in her class, her world falls apart when an accident robs her of her voice, and very nearly takes her life. As she struggles to come to terms with it, she finds that everything is not as clear-cut as it appears. Alongside her paired partner, Bayn Lundegran, Kitra navigates the fine line between safety and danger, all in order to return to a normalcy that constantly escapes her.






Cosmoflux Mock Cover 4

Cosmoflux ($3.99)

Elias Riley has only one duty—guiding ships to the Vulfardisian land mass and city-state from the safety of his glass orb. He lives a life of solitude, never questioning. But that solitude ends when a ship comes spiraling through the Cosmic Bridge and crashes into his sphere.

The pilot is a battle priestess named Anya Solis, and the whirlwind of trouble that follows her is something Elias is not prepared to handle. 






The Muse's Opus-1

The Muse’s Opus ($3.99)

Ambient Modifiers, or Ambimods, are a carnivorous species hunted to the very edge of extinction by the human race. Unable to hunt their prey freely, they hide among the shadows to preserve their numbers. However, one of them takes up an unbelievable task.

Lila van Shilon decides to leave the safety of her remaining Ambimod race and chooses to live amongst the very prey she was trained to hunt. Donning a human form, she moves to the city of Esguir and starts a long and arduous process of becoming one of the citizenry. The peace and quiet turns to a cacophony when fate brings the troubled artist Cole Archford, a man with nothing but ambition to spur him on. 

What begins as a shaky friendship soon turns into a fight for control, and Lila soon finds herself becoming the prey.



DCIM100GOPROGOPR0768.Vociferation (Resonance Trilogy, #2 ($3.99))

Kitra and Bayn’s arrival in Erstwynd goes without a hitch. Through the city-state’s dress of snow and ice, they carve out a life for themselves different from the technological one they left in Favil. But this peace is short-lived; old fears come running back, and they find themselves in Madame Hilda’s crosshairs once more.

Favil’s leader changes the course of her city-state when she realizes that a group of recruits can be used as expendable forces. While carrying out the missions given to them, Linnear and Hilsur find themselves at moralistic odds. Chetra is driven by her own goals.

The divide between the Inyan threatens to tear the survivors apart, with no reconciliation in sight. 

An unforeseen convergence leads to the beginning of war, and Neuria’s fate hangs in the balance.