“Cosmoflux” Roundup post!

Cosmoflux has been out for a good week now, and strangely enough, I haven’t felt any sense of unease. I’ve felt unbridled happiness. This was a story I had a lot of fun writing, after all. I let myself loose while writing it, and took a (long) while to fine-tune the parts that needed it.

Unfortunately, today also marks the last day for Cosmoflux‘s introductory sales price of $2.99. From tomorrow onwards, it will be $3.99. So if you want to get it for $2.99, go to this page and get your copy today. By midnight, the price will be changed.

To everyone who’s shown support in some way shape or form since December, thank you once again.

EDIT 4/29/16 12:07 AM

Cosmoflux is now available for the regular price of $3.99.